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Mitsuru Adachi’s High School Baseball Manga MIX Gets TV Anime in Spring 2019

Japanese publisher Shogakukan announced today on August 3 that 67-year-old artist Mitsuru Adachi's ongoing high school baseball-themed manga MIX will get its TV anime adaptation on terrestrial stations in the spring of 2019. No further details including staff and voice cast is currently available.

MIX has been serialized in the publisher's Monthly Gekkan Sunday since June 2012 and its next 13th tankobon is scheduled to be released on August 9. It has printed over 7.5 million copies in Japan so far. Its story is set 30 years after the story of one of his most popular baseball manga in the 1980s,Touch, and features the baseball club members at the same Meisei High School. But Touch's main characters have not directly appeared in the story.

Announcement visual for the TV anime

Tankobon 1st and 13th volume covers

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Source: Shogakukan press release

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