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Enjoy Sweet Winter Anime Memories with Laid-Back Candy

Laid-Back Camp has found a niche not only with camping enthusiasts, but also with those of us who really like tasty snacks. And holding to that is the latest item themed to the series: a pair of triangular sweets.

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Two pyramid-shaped boxes are designed to look either like Mt. Fuji or a tent. The former contains strawberry milk flavored candy, with grape milk candy in the latter. Each box contains six individually wrapped pieces and sells for 300 yen.

The sweets are manufactured by Sakuma Confectionary, and will initially be available at the Laid-Back Camp booth at this summer's Comiket. Afterwards, they will be available at various Gamers and Animate locations, on, and at certain campgrounds.

>> Sakuma Confectionary Website

>> Laid-Back Camp Website

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